i-SUPERNOVA  is a 4-module course that facilitates your journey of self-empowerment and self-evolution. Strategies and  tools shared are permanently yours, and  opportunities are available for consultation after the course has ended. This course will be offered as group retreats and one-on-one sessions, both online and in-person




This is a paradigm co-created with Love and is an intimate journey to re-connect you with your Inner Being. We know that in doing so, you will begin the re-turn to full authority over every aspect of your experiences and manifestations.



The i-SUPERNOVA  course has four key milestones, at the end of which, is the manifestation of your efforts. How you emerge from this experience is appropriate for your life's journey and a reflection of your expectations. Expect Greatness!

Re-Orient your perception of Self. Everything in your reality revolves around you. Re-align with your authentic self through various strategies and practices. Create mantras to inspire you as you re-assume full responsibility and accountability for your joy!

Course Code: OR001

Pre-Requisite: i-Discovery Call

Re-discover the unique blueprint of your life's journey. Re-acquaint with the choices you made before descending into physical form, the Divine purpose, the unresolved wounds, your unique presence as perceived by others and why you incarnated into your family bloodline. Re-member your I AM presence in form.

Course Code: AM001

Pre-Requisite: i-ORIENT

Central to your journey are your relationships. Re-call the purpose of significant Others in your life's journey. Identify the teachers, both protagonists and antagonists and recall the agreements you made with them. Confront all woundedness created through relationships and re-align with gratitude for all your Teachers, Soul Friends, and Guides...

Course Code: AR001

Pre-Requisite: i-AM

After traversing the previous modules, travelers will be ready to begin taking charge of their manifestations. Co-creator, Manifestor! Begin the re-creation of 3 chosen areas of life that are most misaligned. Transform  your reality in these areas using carefully crafted harmonious steps, appropriate for your journey. As you ground your higher consciousness, you transform your inner and outer reality. As you step into your power, you connect with true joy and become a beacon, worthy of emulation. SUPERNOVA!

Course Code: CR001

Pre-Requisite: i-ARE





Connect with your Higher Self Through Sacred Ritual ! This is a chosen culmination to your i-SUPERNOVA journey, if you choose. Guides of this paradigm are highly trained healers , priest/priestesses and Shamans who will gently lead you to a spiritual connection with your Higher Self

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